We got a call last year from Animal America to repair their existing led sign. When we got there we noticed the sign was very poor in quality and assembly. It let water in every time it rained, frying the power supplies and ruining the other components inside. It started becoming very costly for our client. We offered to replace their sign with our signs and they haven’t had any problems with our product and our commitment to our service. We installed a full-color 10.0mm LED sign at Animal America Pet resort last month. They are very satisfied customers, considering their horrible experience with the previous led company that they dealt with in the past.

What sets us apart isn’t only our price and quality, but our commitment to our customers. With any multi-component electronic devices such as led signs, there is a possibility that something could go wrong. We believe it’s how we treat our customers if/when something goes wrong is what matters the most. Not leaving our customers in the dark for days and weeks like other companies may is our primary focus. We have a quick respond time, we have a 24hr turnaround time. In most cases we will come out on the same day to support our customers free of charge for 5 years. It’s part of our 5 year commitment to our customers.

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