After we officially started our company we got a wonderful opportunity to propose an LED sign concept to Starpower.

They were interested in the LED sign in front of our office and wanted to know what it would cost.

We proposed a 10mm and a 16mm LED sign that was 60ft x 24ft at a 90 degree angle. They were ready to buy but we found out that the current building couldn’t handle the weight and they would have to do 100k worth of reinforcements.

This would have been one of the largest LED signs in Dallas promoting their awesome electronics,appliances, and events.

We now have a product that weighs 1/3rd of the weight we originally proposed. The lightest and highest resolution product in the market. This screen will replace a lot of the older heavier products out there.

Our Responsiblity

Vibrant Displays was tasked to create a concept and proposal for an existing building sign for Starpower in Dallas, Tx. Initial Concept drawings for the LED screen.

  • Permit applications and final permit
  • Structure Engineer plans and approval
  • Installation
  • Technical Support and Training of Staff
  • 5 year parts and labor warranty

Products Used